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Satoshi Capital Advisors

Satoshi Capital Advisors is a global technology and financial advisory firm founded in 2018 and headquartered on Wall Street in New York City, that works with central banks, governments, and the private sector to architect, implement, and operate varying initiatives. Most succinctly, we work with industry and world leaders to build the future. Our business includes four primary focus areas: central bank advisory, asset management, markets advisory, and capital advisory. Our team has been building international digital asset markets since 2013, enterprise technology solutions since 2003, and institutional financial solutions since 1980, bringing decades in experience, expertise, and relationships in financial technology, digitization, modernization, quantitative finance, management consulting, and government relations.

Our clients, present and past, include:



Mercado Bitcoin

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)


Among others.

We've been selected to provide research for:

European Central Bank

Bank of England

Brooklyn City Government

Among others.

We've been invited to join and present at events and meetings hosted by:

Federal Reserve Board

Center for Latin American Monetary Studies (Association of Central Banks of Latin America and the Caribbean)

Neuchâtel Canton Government

Among others.

We've organized workshops attended by:

Bank for International Settlements

Bank of Canada

Swiss National Bank

Among others.

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